Hi I'm Kitty

I know how you feel. I once felt depressed about my life. I felt numb, emotionally dead, and disconnected from life itself. I was deeply unhappy.

But even in the depths of my pain I knew that there was more to life but I didn’t know how to get there. I could feel the inkling of a deeper purpose within me, but I was so buried in my own discomfort that I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It was when I hit rock bottom that I realized I needed to make a change. I was overweight, unhealthy, and my mom had just tried to commit suicide. I was in a job that I hated and I was a abusing alcohol. It was a dark time. 

As so my journey towards healing and empowerment began. Through the process, I have learned that one of the fundamental keys toward greater happiness and success is following my highest excitement, and honoring what truly lights me up inside. I have dedicated my life to inspiring and educating others to follow their path of bliss, so they too can reclaim their power and honor their soul’s calling. 

The Full Story

In 2008 things were tough. I felt depressed about my life. I felt numb, emotionally dead, and disconnected from life itself. I was deeply unhappy. 

I was in a corporate job that was toxic. I was a woman in a man’s world, and I had a hard time fitting in. In order to be accepted, I became one of the boy’s, and lost my female identity. I believed that if I was feminine, I wouldn’t have fit in. This was painful, although at the time I couldn’t even feel the pain. 

I hit rock bottom. I was overweight, unhealthy, and my mom had just tried to commit suicide. Not only was I in a corporate job that I hated, but I was also abusing alcohol. It was a dark time. I knew I had to make a change. And I felt a calling to start looking at my life and move through the pain. 

I had my first few experiences with transformational work, and my life began to turn around. My network of supportive friends and colleagues began to grow, and I could feel changes happening within myself. 

My healing journey led me to climb Mount Kilimanjaro! On that climb, I was introduced to a man who sparked an idea for me, that would help me create community for myself and other  transformational leaders to heal and step further into their power. 
I got off the mountain and wrote a business plan. I was lit up with an idea. I was going to bring The Network for Transformational Leaders to Europe! This was the first thing I was consciously creating in my life. And I had never experienced anything like it.
I began studying -- I did my NLP training, and began this new venture with one of the teachers from the hit movie the Secret.

In Sept 2012, we booked our first space in Windsor, and 20 Transformational Leaders from all over the world came to our first event! It was a magical experience and one I will never forget. In the back of the room, during the speech of our last presenter, I had an out of body experience, where I felt deep in my gut that I was finally doing what I was meant to be doing. I felt a deep sense of oneness with everything. This confirmed that I was on my path towards greater fulfilment and joy in my life. 
Feeling so alive, I knew that I wanted to help others find their Dharma and their life’s path too. We all get lifted up when we help others -- it’s the most virtuous of cycles. 

I knew I had to follow my passion and calling for inner work. With the intention of sharing wisdom from the world’s top thought leaders on following your bliss and building the life of your dreams, Kitty Talks was born!

With 150 interviews under our belt, Kitty Talks was poised for success as a beloved resource for powerful women and men alike to learn to find deeper meaning in their lives and start moving towards what truly lights them up inside. 

In June 2013, I began accepting my first coaching clients! I realized I could bring the lessons I’ve learned to others most powerfully through group coaching and select one-on-one VIP experiences. 

When we understand dharma, it’s all about what you’re passionate about and using your talents to serve others. That is why I created Kitty Talks and my online courses and coaching work - to support people in following their bliss, one day at a time. When you do this, your life becomes ENJOYABLE again, and less hard. We move from feeling disconnected, numb, and in pain to experiencing joy, abundance, and purpose. Our lives can be joyous and abundant. 

And it’s my work to help others, along with myself, feel and experience the reality of this potential. This is work that I love! And I’m honored to be sharing it with you.


It's My Mission To Inspire People To Follow Their Passion And Purpose And Make A Difference On The Planet

'I support powerful women to find their path towards bliss in their work, relationships and life and step into their full power.'

-Kitty  Waters

Kitty Talks is a podcast interviewing inspirational people who have followed their passion and purpose to empower you to follow yours.

By listening you will understand how to step into your greatness and find the courage to honour your soul's calling. Guests share their life stories and practical tools that are as helpful as they are insightful.


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