Hi there, I'm Kitty, 

Bliss Finder, Podcaster, Author, Coach and Founder of Kitty Talks.

My mission is to change the way humanity sees and views, following your happiness, bliss, and joy, and ultimately, as the Bliss Finder, my mission is to help you find your bliss, in every aspect of your life, and ultimately delegating what you don't find blissful to those, that do.

Most days you will find me walking my dogs and interviewing amazing people. I'm a transformational teacher, serial entrepreneur and Co - Creator of The Network for Transformational Leaders (A non profit organisation and peer group for people doing Transformation work with members in over 15 countries) 

I was financially free by 32 and I now run two successful businesses.

My mission on earth is quite simply to help you find your bliss and change the way humanity sees following your happiness, joy, and all the joys that come with it." But, be warned, this path is not easy, but it is definitely worth it for anyone that traverses it. My job is to help you find the right path, at the right time, without going through all the setbacks, failures, and pains that you would usually go through on your own.

There are three things that I value more than anything. 

1, Every person is born on this planet with a purpose. No one's here by accident. We're here to follow our bliss, joy, happiness, or some might even call it dharma, like I do.

2, To shift how society views following your bliss. It's not something that is woo wooey, or crazy. It is the thing that our ancestors followed. It's a thing that we were told and guided to follow. Yet, somewhere in the middle, we have decided to abandon our path, and my job is to help bring you back on the path.

3, The third thing I value more than anything, is to find a way to delegate what you don't find blissful, to someone that truly finds that task, their ultimate bliss. "As an example, if you don't like writing, then you hire a writer, because that is blissful to them, but what's blissful to you, is to speak." That's how you maximize that entirely.

I founded the Kitty Talks podcast to show you and my beautiful step daughters how to build a life in alignment with your soul. When we find and follow our purpose life starts to flow and we can create amazing life's. Every week global thought leaders share their life stories and give you practical tips on how you can become the highest version of yourself. The quicker you get on the right path the easier life becomes. Our community will show you how.

My life hasn't always been this way. I was on the wrong path for years, after having a nervous breakdown in my early twenties, I also suffered from depression and drug and alcohol abuse…. My dissatisfaction and disconnection from life and nearly losing her mother to depression lead me down the personal development route. Looking for more from life.

I have now coached 1000's of people, men and women on life empowerment and my focus recently has been on empowering women to take their rightful place on the earth. I am the Founder of Kitty Talks and the Talent Bureau and I a member of the Evolutionary Business Council a peer group for Global Thought Leaders. I am also a fully trained Reiki Master and NLP Practitioner. I have also been featured on the Mind Valley website as a Thought Leader and Expert. 

When I am not working I love to hang out with my husband by the sea where we live with our two dogs, we love to travel the world every opportunity we get and recently got back from Greece and Italy. 

Much Love


It's My Mission To Inspire People To Follow Their Passion And Purpose And Make A Difference On The Planet

I empower women who want to have it all, to take their rightful place on earth and build lives and businesses that work for them and their families.
My Story 

I had a nervous breakdown at 21

My mum tried to commit suicide when I was 28 it was my Saturn's Return - It woke me up and shifted my consciousness and life has never been the same again.

From an early age I always knew that there was more to life than I could see. I kinda thought I was special as a child (doesn’t every child, but the truth was I never quite fitted it).

I have taken myself from a very dark place, an emotional breakdown in my early twenties, through drug and alcohol abuse and depression, nearly loosing my Mother to depression, being over weight and unfit to a place now where there is light! 

After making a conscious choice to change, and focusing on who and what I wanted to be, my life has moved and shifted to what it is today, following my passion and purpose.

Today I feel a lot more connected to the person I am, doing what I feel I am on this planet to do and I can now proudly say that I have the most amazing peer group of friends who are genuinely changing the world with their work, I Co-Created The Network for Transformational Leaders. I run a number successful businesses, I am fit and healthy and on top of the world having found my spiritual path.

We don’t always truly fit in and maybe there is a reason for that, maybe we are different and meant to be doing different things on this planet…

We need to focus on what we want, live life to the max and spread light wherever we go – we can co-create our realities and make the world a better place.


The reason I started Kitty Talks was to help people to take control of their lives and inspire them to create lives they love. By listening to the stories of others we gain strength in our own ability.

Creating a life you love isn't always easy but it is possible.

Kitty Talks is a podcast interviewing inspirational people who have followed their passion and purpose to inspire you to create yours.

Most businesses look to hire too late when they have the need therefore panic hiring and making mistakes. 

At the Talent Finder Bureau we not only help you implement a robust talent strategy but shape your recruitment process based on the company and persons energy type.

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